Four More Lighted Windows: Memories of Swamis in the West

The author’s memories of four additional swamis who were alive when  Six Lighted Windows was published, but are now deceased.

Here are stories of

Swami Lokeshwarananda (Ramakrishna Institute of Culture)
Swami Aseshananda (Vedanta Society of Portland)
Swami Shantaswarupananda (Vedanta Society of Northern California)
Swami Shraddhananda (Vedanta Society of Sacramento)

These were all marvelous swamis who had a tangible spiritual presence. This book enables you to meet these very different yet spiritually inspiring people.

Vedanta Media is happy to present Four More Lighted Windows, read by  its author: Swami Yogeshananda.


1 Swami Shanta-Swarupananda

Part 2 Swami Aseshananda

Part 3 Swami Shraddhananda

Part 4 Swami Lokeswarananda



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