The Visions of Sri Ramakrishna

Sri Ramakrishna lived much of his life seeing God everywhere, experiencing the Divine Reality as an overwhelming reality. Much of it he was unable describe, try as he did. But when he could, his disciples were breathless as he described his experiences, while his face was beaming with indescribable joy.

A collection of the super-sensuous experiences of Sri Ramakrishna, mostly gathered from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna and Ramakrishna: The Great Master.

Preface and Foreword The Visions of Sri Ramakrishna


1) To the End of Formal Worship

2) From Dakshineshwar to Kamarpukur and Back

3) Sadhana under the Brahmani

4) Forms, the Formless, and Forms Again

5) From the Pilgrimage to the Vision of Christ

6) The Coming of Disciples- in Vision and in Flesh

7) Through the injury to his arm pt 1

8) Through the injury to his arm pt 2

9) A Farewell to Dakshineswar

10) From Syampukur to close

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