Waking Up

Waking Up is an attempt to answer some of the most profound questions that mankind has ever posed. The text is inspired by Vedanta teachings, a spiritual philosophy born of the Upanishads and the Vedas of ancient India. With it many have been able to harmonize the basic tenets of all the world’s religions. If you have ever posed questions that your own faith seems never to have fully addressed, these recordings may hold answers.

Vedanta does not seek converts, nor does it wish anyone to abandon their religion. Rather, it seeks to deepen and broaden the faith that already exists within every truth seeker, and to expand our capacity for compassion and love. The present Vedanta movement was founded by Swami Vivekananda, chief disciple of Sri Ramakrishna, a student and devotee of the world’s major religions. His legacy to mankind has been the founding of the Ramakrishna Mission with its many centers of Vedanta located throughout the world.

Vedanta Media is happy to present Waking Up, read by  its author,     Swami Yogeshananda


Chapter 1 – Yoga and You

Chapter 2 – Reincarnation and Karma

Chapter 3 – Desire

Chapter 4 – Meditation: Questions that arise

Chapter 5 – Your religion, My religion, and Ours

Chapter 6 – Social Service

Chapter 7 –  Sleep and Dream

Chapter 8 – Consciousness and the Cosmos

Chapter 9 –  The Sacred Writings

Chapter 10 – The Teachers

2 thoughts on “Waking Up”

  1. Hi Swami,
    Thank you for putting all this together for us. Its so great to be able to hear your voice. This way we can always access your wisdom without disturbing your
    schedule. The mantra you gave me is as powerful today as it was when you first
    expanded my brain. Ill always love you.

  2. Dear Swami,
    thank you for your readings. Listening to your recordings connects me to the most cherished time in my live, the time I spent with you at the Ramakrishna Monestary in Trabuco as a “weekend warrior” three years ago. Listening to you opens a pathway for me to the other end of the world. I imagine you reading aloud in the library in this building of Love and God. And I can be with all the friends again, while listening to you. This is such a wonderful gift. Thank you from my heart.
    Ingo from Germany

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